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I’ve found myself in a situation before where I absolutely loathed my job, but felt trapped as I had not yet completed my apprenticeship and if I resigned id be left without a job or a qualification, which in turn makes you almost unemployable. So I stayed in this job for four and a half years. I put up with bullying, ridiculously longs hours, very low pay, no lunch breaks and no overtime pay all because I knew that if I left this place, I would be left with nothing. Unfortunately with apprenticeships it almost goes hand in hand that you will be treated poorly, overworked and underpaid no matter what trade you take up. But everyone knows, if you can get through an apprenticeship you are considered the cream of the crop for putting up with everything and still coming out the other side with a qualification. The other issue with apprenticeships is it is mostly filled with high school drop outs. I was one and so was nearly every other apprentice I have met. Now of course this doesn’t mean they are unintelligent or not educated.

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