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My first day

skrivet den 04 nov av Admin, klockan:12:51
 When I started on my first day one of the other employees asked what the business owner said to me when I was hired. I explained he looked me up and down and asked one question and that was it. She said that’s how they were all hired. And that here you were hired more for looks than anything else. I was shocked! But after looking around I noticed that every single female employee had long dark brown hair, olive skin, brown eyes and a slim build. Baring in mind though, this was the cosmetic surgery industry so we were all expected to look a certain way. It was fine with me because the pay for this role was fantastic and the perks of the job were really good. I could put up with a superficial boss for this surely. But once I got my mortgage I realised how much I really needed this job. I relied on each pay check to come through so I could pay off the minimum requirements on my mortgage. Although I quite enjoyed this job there were lots of things about it I couldn’t stand. The managers were a big part of that.

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