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My biggest hurdles

skrivet den 24 okt av Admin, klockan:12:50
One of my biggest hurdles was getting back into the job market after I had been off ill for over a year. How do you explain to a potential employer that you have a chronic illness that still affects you but you would love a job. It was frustrating and disheartening being turned down after explained that I couldn’t work full time due to being unwell. So I decided that I wouldn’t tell them. I went through a recruitment agency and told the agent that was looking after my file about my illness and he also agreed that it would be best not to tell my future employers. Needless to say I no longer had any trouble finding a job. I explained my year and a half off was for travel (not illness) and it was never even questioned. I got a job for part time work and I told my employers I was studying on my time off so I couldn’t do any extra hours. This worked for quite some time but it all came crashing down when I got ill again and needed time off. I had to explain to management was my situation was.

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