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Mouse type

skrivet den 18 okt av Admin, klockan:12:48
There was the token loud and dominant few that thought it would be best if they took the lead on everything and spoke over the top of everyone undermining other people’s ideas and contributions. There was the quiet as a mouse type that added almost nothing to the process barely piping up to announce their name and there were the ones around the middle. Not too loud or dominant but could lead, not to quiet but could listen and open enough to learn new things. I was one of the middle ground. It’s not to say that the other two qualities weren’t good, they just weren’t suited to this position. Maybe if it was a management position it would have been a different story but for this particular job the last thing you needed was someone to dominant to take instructions or someone to quiet, afraid to ask for instructions. So we were narrowed down to the middle road people. Yet another group interview was held with the remaining candidates which turned out to be quite fun as we all had similar personalities and interests. We were then taken through for individual interviews which lasted roughly 45 mins. It was daunting as you have to come across as relaxed but not too at ease.

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