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Leave a good job?

skrivet den 17 nov av Admin, klockan:12:53
Do I really want to leave a good job, with a decent pay and my friends behind? Do I want the stress and pressure of having to find another job whilst still having to pay off a loan? What if I can’t find another job? These are all decent and relevant questions that keep me where I am at the moment. Even if it means having a manager lose the plot at me for not putting a glass away or eating tuna for lunch because it’s too smelly. It’s just so much easier to stay in a place that is secure and has a nice looking pay cheque at the end of the week for you. Besides I spend most of my day with my friends and I wouldn’t have this at another job. It’s not often you make such a strong connection with your employees. It’s pretty amazing what’s you’re willing to put up with in the return of money and security. I mean if I can get used to seeing a narcissistic, psychopath every day and humour her into believing that I actually like her, that’s saying something. So I guess I’ll stay in the job for the next few years, or until I’ve at least payed most of the mortgage off. There’s nothing like debt to keep you in place.

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