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In the same room

skrivet den 23 okt av Admin, klockan:12:49
And being in the same room as the regional business manager and Australian manager asking you how you would handle certain situations was enough to make me sweat. But yet again I got through and was called back for another one on one interview. It was after half an hour of more questions and back and forth banter they offered me the job. I was so pleased that I managed to get through this. I don’t care what anyone says, the interview process is a nightmare. Now after about a month of this particular job I realised it wasn’t for me at all but the pay was really good. The money kept me in this job for over a year. The other problem with the job was my manager. She was completely incompetent at her role and I did most of her work for her yet she took all of the credit. Looking back at the situation I could have done more to stop this but I was young and didn’t want to be out of work as I was saving for a big overseas holiday.

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