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Female managers

skrivet den 11 nov av Admin, klockan:12:52
All business owners should be told having two emotional female managers is not a good idea. There is nothing worse than coming into work and having your mood decided by the mood of your managers for that particular day. Or being the punching bag of the week. It was fine if you were chosen as the flavour of the week but god help you if they were on a war path and decided you were the cause of it. Emotion should never get involved with business and sadly that usually means women. I have no problem with women in management, just don’t be emotional and be good at your job. It is hell going into work and having the manager backstab you and hear it from another employee only to have the manger be sweet as pie to your face. But the other problem is I actually like the job, and my team that I mostly deal with have become some of my best friends. The pay is fantastic and the work is quite easy. But is it worth putting up with a psychopathic manager for this though. I find myself asking this every day.

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