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Do something different

skrivet den 05 okt av Admin, klockan:12:47
It just means they decided to do something different with their lives rather than going to university. Now out of these new apprentices you are bound to get a couple that dropped out of high school not because they wanted to start their career but because they were lazy and thought this would be easier. That’s usually the kind of person that doesn’t finish their apprenticeship and then are considered unemployable as they didn’t finish school or the job they left school for. And they are left with no qualifications at the end of this. So I did not want to be one of these people or statistics and I kept my head down and worked my little bum off so to speak. At the end of my four and a half years I received my qualification and was finally freed to go do something different. I decided to try my hand at another job which didn’t end up requiring any of my skills that I had acquired from my apprenticeship. The interview process was daunting. It started as a group interview with around 25 other candidates. It was a strange and uncomfortable environment to be in.

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