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To give credit where credit is due they handled it relatively well. They were fine with giving me time off but weren’t happy I had neglected to tell them the truth. It was also really frustrating once I got back to work having people walking on egg shells around me all the time and having to tell management every single little thing going on in my life so they felt like they were on the same page and being included. Once I was well again I decided I couldn’t put up with being the unwell employee anymore and decided to leave. I managed to find myself another job rather quickly in yet another totally different industry. The interview process was very strange though, two middle aged women interviewed me (rather unprofessionally) I might add as they didn’t seem prepared or even that interested to be honest. I was called back for another interview with the business owner this time. He kept me waiting for about an hour and I thought he had forgotten about me. Finally he walked in, looked me up and down and asked me where I lived. Then he told me I had the job. It was very strange.

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