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Good to have a job

skrivet den 24 nov av Admin, klockan:12:46
It’s become clear to me now how important it is to have a secure job. We are relatively lucky in Australia as we have pretty low unemployment. And I can’t say I have ever had too much trouble getting a job. Sometimes you have to change your preferences a little bit in order to fit in with what’s on offer but I think we as Australians are doing far better off in this area as opposed to Americans. I guess it’s only clear now why it’s so important is because my partner and I now have a mortgage. Without a regular pay you can’t pay off the mortgage and the banks don’t take to kindly to this. I’ve found many of my friends in this position and they end up staying in a job that they are not happy with in order to continue paying their rent, mortgage or bills. It’s a slight catch 22, as we need to work to live but most of us end up living to work. Most things in life can’t be done without the security of a job and regular income so what happens if you suddenly lose this? And what would you put up with in order to not have to go through this?

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